I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend, the space, atmosphere, people and food we’re so restorative. It was exactly what I needed. It provided a sacred safe space to just be. You have developed a very special sanctuary but I am sure you know that!
Thanks a mill
Naomi, June 2015

“Marlene , I can’t thank you enough for another amazing weekend, I just feel such a peace after it 🙂
SOOO next one , can I book in ?!? It’s coming at a perfect time!”
Eimear, 2015

I wanted to thank you and Douglas, Jane and everybody that made it possible for us to come.
You can’t imagine how grateful I am, how hard I love you all and how hard you help me in by letting me be who I am (even though I have no clue)..
So Marlene, thank you for everything!
Boustane March 2015

Visiting nearby Lough Tay

Visiting nearby Lough Tay



Everything was wonderful, as said, and I really appreciated the freedom to move around and stay on etc.
The meditation was inspiring.
Tanya, March 2015

Thank you for looking after us all so well. The food was superb, the hospitality fantastic.
The workspace was perfect, a wonderful container for all the magic that flowed.
We look forward to doing it all again with you!
Abi & Lynn, Feb 2015

Hi Marlene,
Thank you again for a wonderful weekend in Sli Na Bande and for helping people develop understanding and insight in a beautiful loving atmosphere
Olivier, March 2015

Sli na Bande is amazing! All the accommodations and spaces and people and food were way beyond my expectations! Totally blown away …
A big thank you to everyone at Sli na Bande. It was a really special weekend and beautiful weather. I had very positive feedback from the group, things came together in a way that was greater than the sum of the parts that made it an exceptional experience …
The place has an incredible vibe and felt healing, safe and peaceful …
We felt your back story and spirit contributes a lot to the feel of the place and makes people appreciate more what it is they are experiencing …
The food was very impressive and one of the very special parts of the weekend.
Rebecca, Oct 5 2014

A big thank you for the amazing healing space that you provide. I happen to think you are the best yoga yeacher ever! I get a lot from your teachings.
Aprile Dec 2014

Thank you for the welcoming Yoga session two weeks ago. It was special. Your wisdom and the sacred space you provide. Sli na Bande has a very welcoming and strong energy. Details like the fresh wild flowers put thoughtfully in many places just touched my heart. Thank you to yourself and Douglas for Sli na Bande.
Melanie, 2014

Hi Marlene,
Again a big THANK YOU for existing and for hosting us in our retreat this past weekend, the memory will stay with me for a long time 🙂 I am so happy people like you exist! THANK YOU!
Raluca Vescan, Sep 23, 2014

Dear Marlene,
Details of the Recommendation: “Marlene’s personal touch makes Sli Na bande that much more special. Staying there is like living in nature without having to rough it out. Each room is special, the workroom is lovely with a beautiful energy, the food is delicious and the volunteers ever-willing to help. Even thinking about the food Marlene and her team dish out is enough to whet my appetite. My experience of being hosted by Marlene was beautiful. We left the place with plans to return and we did! And will again.”
Service Category: Residential retreat centre
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative
Sampoorna G.L.

To me, this place is about quieting the mind, getting rid of superfluous thoughts, living close to the forest. I feel surrounded by herbs, self-grown vegetables, energy powered by sun and wind. Animals (chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, donkey and horse) are never far away. This place is about giving thanks to and respecting the earth while cooperating with and getting to know people coming from a wide variety of countries. All year long, either as volunteers or guests, anyone who feels like being at Sli Na Bande is most welcome. The place has educational, relaxing and farming possibilities.
Mieke Vanfleteren