Yoga means union. This experience of union is achieved by the stilling of the thought waves of the mind. At its most basic yoga is a physical practice with a spiritual benefit.

We create conditions where participants can leave feeling refreshed, intellectually stimulated, with a more positive relationship with their body and an excitement about the future.

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About Marlene

Marlene has taught and studied Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga for over twenty years, having received her certification from the Irish Yoga Association, and has supplemented her training through courses and workshops in Mysore, Hydrabad and Pondycherry in India.

Marlene was awarded an IYA diploma from the Irish Yoga Association (IYA) in 1990.

Marlene was appointed Tutor on the IYA Teacher Training Course in 1992 and tutored on five of the Associations teacher training courses. She still facilitates Yoga study days for IYA tutors.

To date, Marlene has represented the IYA three times at the European Yoga Congress in Zinal.

She holds a Junior Iyengar Certificate and also studied with Jenny Beeken, Donna Holleman and Patabi Jois. Marlene facilitates her own yoga study programmes at Slí na Bandé. This programme has run continuously since 2000.

Marlene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from DBS and a MSc in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from UCD.